Friday, June 22, 2012

Self Image Visualization Exercise


Divide a piece of paper into two vertical columns. Label the left
column “Self-Image” and label the right column “Visualization.”
List three traits in the left column that you want to become.
Leave space between. In the right column, list scenarios of what
you would be doing provided you had that type of personality.
Following is an example:

Self Image                                                       Visualization
• Charismatic                                       People listening to me
People asking me to speak
Speaking to large audiences

• Excellent                                           Speaking to a large group
  Public Speaker                                  Emceeing a talk show

• Successful                                         Driving my luxury car
Owner of a successful company

Keep this piece of paper by your bedside. Just before you lie down to sleep, look at the list and visualize yourself as already having these traits. See yourself in action doing those activities and being that person.

Now you have given your Yahweh goals and Yahweh will work to see that you successfully achieve them, easily and effortlessly.

Praise Yahweh
Praise Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh, The Third Day

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