Saturday, August 17, 2013

Celestial Federation of Yahweh Exposed!!!

Some of you may have noticed that I have changed gears over the last week or so and probably wondered what was going on. If you haven't wondered, no problem, this isn't for you. But if you're interested to know how 'niggas' act, and how they will turn on you for money, even those who claim to be Yahweh and the messiah, then read on.

Like many of us, I came into the word with the expressed intent of following the law and building Yahweh's (insert whatever name you're comfortable with) kingdom. I changed a lot of things in my life for the better and strive to improve everyday.

Because of that, even though I was no slouch before, people respect me for my representation of Yahweh. I keep my word, I respect everyone, I am fair in my dealings, etc. But mostly I am revered for my integrity. I always maintain my integrity, and when that is challenged, I'm sorry, but I take it personally.

Recently my integrity, and that of Priestess Qetsiyah's was attacked by some members of the Celestial Federation of Yahweh and apparantly sanctioned by the illustrious leader of the CFY, Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh.

Sit back and let me tell you how this came about (I feel like talkin'), and in the process, explain to you how they are fakes and liars; with proof. I say 'proof, because they had none for what they accused Priestess Qetsiyah and I of. And to top it off, no one defended us.

The reason I AM so sure in being able to post this expose' without any repercussions, is that I AM confident, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my God Yahweh would not allow me to be treated this way. My God would understand that we should hear the conclusion of the whole matter before making a judgment.

Yessss...we're talking Hebrews that call themselves Yahweh. That say they will rule the world. That say they love me. That say "We Are Not A Religion."

Can you believe that, because we bristled at their lie, some religious idiot(s) said we were blotted out of the book of the living? Lucky I don't cuss...

Anyway, we (Priestess Qetsiyah and I), along with other people that were chosen to be on, what was referred to as a school board, were asked to create a school for the CFY by Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh. I was asked to be the board president by one of his ardent admirers, Hadassah Merab. She said that Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh requested it.

I accepted, and in the course of our business, Hadassah became so disruptive with her talebearing, gossip and conspiracy theories that I asked for a vote to have her removed from the board, which was overwhelmingly in approval of her removal.

In her attempt to win Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh's favor, she appointed herself the honesty police. She accused me and Priestess of trying to conceal 'the money' from the corporate office. Remember, we are talking about poor Black folk, of which I was afraid to and didn't ask to pay dues or make donations. She was also constantly in my ear telling me how
Priestess Qetsiyah & Her "Friend" Elder Hadassah
crooked Priestess Qetsiyah and her King was, even though they were very close friends and Priestess was keeping and homeschooling one of her children.

Anyway, I am a businessman and am very capable of making quick decisive moves. She was outta there...only to raise her ugly head later.

Then there's De'bowrah Bath Shuwa, who constantly discouraged me from working with Priestess Qetsiyah, and also let me know that she (Debowrah) was in charge of education.
De'bowrah Bath Shuwa
Admittedly, the only proof i have of this accusation is Debowrah's track record in the lack of making meaningful contributions to the school creation efforts. More on that later...

Does anyone see a pattern yet? Do you smell a Jezebel spirit about? No...keep reading!

While brainstorming on ways to raise funds for the school, we came up with the idea of a Telethon (via conference call). We called it a Brick Telethon, where we would give an engraved brick to anyone that made a donation. A brick that would somehow be incorporated into the building once we purchased it.

Here's where it gets interesting and none of you Yahweh traitors know about...

As soon as the telethon was over (remember these are pledges over the phone), Debowrah calculated that we collected $3000 (from an entire nation of people mind you) and promptly asked for the tithes on that amount. Me being naive  and thinking these were people of Yahweh and would keep their promises to send in their donations. Didn't happen...

On top of that, once I realized how little money an entire nation of people had pledged and donated, I asked if I could do Telethon part 2. We were told not to hold any more fundraisers because all of the fundraisers were taxing the family. My instructions from Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh were to figure out a way to create a school without asking the family for money.

Easy for me, I have the mind of my Father and so does my counterpart Priestess Qetsiyah and her King, . We decided to create an online school...

I'll let you tell me if we need bricks for that...smh. We decided instead of buying engraved bricks, which now didn't make sense because the brick purchase money was immediately confiscated as tithes, we would send out Brick Certificates (at our expense) once we got the go ahead.

Anyway, we went on a year long task of creating an online school with about $1500 in donations from CFY family (pledges are different than donations).

In March of 2013, Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh asked that we expedite the process of getting the school online. We complied...

In April of 2013, it was completed. A fully functional, accredited online homeschool capable of granting diplomas, transcripts, grade level testing; the works (did I mention that Priestess Qetsiyah is a Doctors degreed educator?). Our children could finally get out of this dysfunctional homeschool cycle we were into.

We called Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh and told him it was ready, and he instructed us to submit an outline to corporate telling about the school, it's mode of operation and how it would benefit the family. He also stated that since it had been so long, rumors had started to spread and we would have to regain the trust of the family.

Little did I know he meant that they had been smiling in our faces but secretly accusing us of stealing the funky telethon money (my 16 year old daughter makes more than that in her own business monthly).

We immediately put the plan outline together, working through the night, and submitted it the next day.

I emailed it to Elder Debowrah with instructions to forward to Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh, as he had instructed (click here to see a dated copy of that email and plan outline). You will also see the response to that email along with my followup emails.

Trying to be as respectful and patient as possible, we didn't push the issue. Two months later, Priestess Qetsiyah and I tossed a coin to see who would call Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh about the school; she LOST.

She called and asked him what did he think of the outline. His response was "what outline". Needless to say, we were perplexed and wound up doing a 3 way conversation with Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh.

Since this was an awkward situation, we just suggested that he go to the website himself and tell us what he thought.

He said "wonderful Yahweh, Praise Yahweh. Send me the login information so I can see my school."

Now it would have been okay had he visited the site and didn't like it. But because our site is so sophisticated, it allows us to see when someone logs in and for how long they stay logged in.

I swear to this day, that login information has never been used. Yahweh Ben Yahweh has never seen the school or what it can do. What does that mean to an intelligent person? He was never interested in the first place...

Didn't want to check the boss, so we just waited...

Waited a few weeks and finally called and expressed my concerns to Chief Elder Napthali. The fact that, first of all, Debowrah had never sent our presentation to Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh, and secondly, that no one had ever logged in or given us the okay to proceed after months of inconsiderate, disrespectful waiting.

The Elder said he would look in to it...

After about a week I get a call from Elder Debowrah with, get this, a list of things she's going to require for the school. I kept saying, "we have that, we have that, we have that too." Then I said, "Elder have you been to the site yet?" She said, "no, but..." I said "call me back with your questions and concerns after you've browsed around our school website."

She laughed and said okay. I told her I would text her the administrative login information and we hung up.

I never heard from her again...

Keep in mind now, that all of our family members are believing that we don't have a school. Hadassah Merab even made a comment on Facebook about there only being a Hebrew language class there.

Fast forward to the Yahweh Gives Back Telethon...supposedly a fundraiser for a building fund, adult scholarships and publishing Yahweh's name. 

I'm sitting there enjoying the telethon, when lo and behold, one of the Elders announces that [paraphrasing] we're trying to build a school family. I  know you're skeptical, you've been duped before, but this time it's fo' real."

Wha Da Hell!!! What's that supposed to mean? Priestess and I were the only ones working on the school, so that can only mean we duped the family. We stole from the family.

Just because we haven't been visible for awhile, does that mean you can slander our names? You thought we were gone and would never know what you said about us? Wow!!! Our absence was a failed!

There is a school, just like we promised,and you can be certain it took more than your $1500 to build it. Where do you think it came from?

We did this for You, our family, made it affordable and someone took special pains to keep it from you. The question you should be asking is WHY!!!

But we know if you ask that question, somebody's going to give you some stupid scriptural reason to have it make sense to you. Just to cover their butts...and just like sheep...

Think about couldn't be asked for money for a school if you knew there was a school already. DID YOU KNOW WE HAD A SCHOOL - YES OR NO? 

If someone else was going to build a school, it would have been done already. IT'S BEEN 4 YEARS AND WE HAVE NOTHING!!! Nothing that we have come together and built. We don't have any hotels, any soup kitchens, any transitional housing; NOTHING! All you had was a school, and now that's gone because of envy and jealousy.

We have a lot of nice pictures of limousines and hotel suites; but nothing tangible. CFY is always 'Gettin Ready To Do Something.'

The two people that bring something tangible to CFY are villainized and ostracized. You outta be ashamed of yourselves for going along with this!

I defy any of you to explain what we did wrong to YOU. I asked for an apology, and the person you call God was too proud to offer one, or to even call me to find out what the issue was. Would Yahweh really act like that to two of His builders? Seriously? I mean, you do say he is God don't you? He is Yahweh and you're not.

That must be true if we can be removed from the book of the living by him. That means you can are not Yahweh according to this logic.

In conclusion, you had a school, created with love for you. You let a demon in your midst deny you of it. I'm not even saying it was Moshe, but there is a demon somewhere in your organization. It's not me - you need to search yourself and find out who it is.

I I do not want to be associated with a people such as yourselves. You are officially removed from the book of the living.

Ps 69:28 Let them be blotted out of the book of the living, and not be written with 
                the righteous.

Nawww, I don't mean it; I love you too much. It's impossible to get rid of family.

Stay tuned for part II, where we explore some of the secrets of the CFY.