Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How To Live For 400 Years

I have found that it is possible to live for hundreds of years. I believe that anything is possible with Yahweh. For instance, a typical intelligent, healthy human being can live to be 225 years old in a real sense.

Take an average person in America. In a 24 hour day, his time is typically allocated as follows:
1.      Sleep                                                                8
2.      Work                                                                 7
3.      Travel                                                                1.5
4.      Meals (not incl. dinner)                                       1.5
5.      Family (incl. dinner)                                            2
6.      TV                                                                    3
7.      Wasted time                                                     1

Clearly, the only really important time from my list is # 5, which is the 2 hours a day with the family. Of the entire list nothing else can come as close to the real essence of life than the good, productive, happy, important time a person spends with his family. Of course, if a person has no family or misspends his time with them, then there is essentially no good productive time being spent in this scenario.

But, assuming you have a reasonable family life, only 2 out of 24 hours a day is being spent profitably and correctly. Clearly sleep, although necessary, is an unproductive waste of time as is TV, eating, traveling, and wasting time – 15 hours out of the 24. Working, unless for yourself or at a really good job, is a waste of time. It only counts for paying your bills. Thus, out of the 24 hour day, only 2 hours of the typical Hebrews life is spent well and importantly. About 8% of your day and your life (not computing in the weekend which is usually wasted time).

2 hrs/24hrs=.08 or 8%

If a person really “lives” 8% of the time, then in a very real sense of the 75 or so years one has on this earth, 92% of one’s time is wasted; 69 years.

75yrs x .92%=69yrs

By these figures, one really only lives 6 real years, if real years is defined as good, productive, worthwhile, happy years.

75 yrs – 69 yrs= 6 yrs

It can be seen that by merely tripling your good, productive hours from just 2 to maybe 6 hours a day, or even more, you can effectively increase your lifespan, which is defined as the good, productive, happy days and hours of one’s life. If you could change from wasting, say 8 hours a day from the list, you could increase by 5 fold the useful days of your life. You would then live a life far, far more productive, useful and good. Your lifespan of 75 years would really increase to above 200 or 300 years of the average human just in the good, useful, productive days of your life. Of course in actual time there would be no change, although part of the formula – good health, may increase your temporal lifespan. However as compared to almost all others in the world, yours would be the better more productive and, consequently, longer life.


All you have to do is change your lifestyle to eliminate the wasted hours. For instance, stop wasting time (1 hr), stop watching TV (3 hrs), sleep only 5 hours a night (3hrs). With just this, you pick up 7 hours a day of time within which you can do all good, productive things. Add working for yourself (8 hrs) and working near or at home to eliminate travel to and from work (1.5 hrs) and you pick up another 9.5 hours for a net gain of 16.5 hours.

You have now multiplied your effective lifespan by 9 (from 2 to 18.5 hours). This translates into an effective life span of more than 600 years when compared to your previous method of living. YOU LIVE 600 YEARS OF LIFE AS COMPARED TO MOST OTHER HUMANS’ 75 YEARS.


Example: How would your business benefit by spending 3 to 9 times more time working it?

You could write books; create Universes, be a better Abba or Emah, etc., etc.

From a 75 year lifespan wherein only 8% is LIVED, you can, at least, triple your lifespan to one which allows tremendous increase in useful life. You can live to 200, 300, 400, or more. YOU CAN ENTER THE KINGDOM WITH THE 4TH DAY. YOU NEED NOT BE LEFT BEHIND!

Ge 5:27 And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he died. What do you suppose he was doing at age 600? Think about it.

Pr 3:1 My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments:
2 For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee.

Praise Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh!!!