Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Celestial Federation of Yahweh Exposed!!! Part II's been a little while since I last wrote on this topic. A lot has transpired since the last time. Trust me, it was worth the wait. This stuff could have been a made for prime time television movie.

Let's see now...when I last wrote I challenged my so- called Yahweh family to explain what I had done to them, individually. The best they could come up with was, I blasphemed their father.

Can you believe they were ready to lynch me and burn me in tar and oil for a liar and a thief (wait a minute...that sounds prophetic)? Anyways...out of the entire bunch that called themselves my family and sent me texts saying how much they love me, only 4 people took the time to find out the real story before making a decision about my character; 4 people out of an entire nation of Hebrews...smh

So, here's what's happened since

One of those 4 people recognized the snakiness of the leader of the CFY and decided to check out his background. Guess what he found? He found out that this guy had a standing criminal case that had to do with...I'll just say, he should be on the sex offenders list. But he's not!!!

Seems he received some kind of deal that allowed him to walk if he performed some type of service - and here he is showing up claiming to be the king of the Hebrews.

Now, let me tell you what's really interesting about that...he has led his followers into not following the laws, judgments, commandments and statutes of Yahweh; he convinced them that they are saved by grace.  He also accepts homosexuals into the group.

Anybody see what's wrong with that picture??? We are supposed to be awake - not a slave to the christian doctrine any longer, and he comes along and sends a group of people right back where they came from. On top of that, he lives off of tithes and donations just like a baptist preacher; he does not own a business or have a job.

Anybody see a pattern here? This guy comes out of nowhere, nobody knows him, he has a sex crime related case, he doesn't do time or get put on the list, he causes confusion and division amongst Hebrews and he takes their money like Creflo Dollar. Does that sound like the Son of Yahweh to you?

Let me tell you something funny though...we put so much pressure on him and his crew that they were compelled to start helping people and they pretended like they were doing it all along after they started. He started off making them use their own money until we exposed So, maybe a little good did come out of our expose'. They have to at least look like they are helping the community because of us...classic!

Anyway, this guy that calls himself Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh, the comforter, the holy ghost, etc., name is Mosheh Israel. His slave name, as close as we can tell, is Anthony Ray Faulcon if anyone wants to look him up. I personally think there's more to that name, but we'll see. It doesn't really matter at this point, it has been verified that he is a lowlife fraud.

Here's an interesting tidbit that he doesn't know we know about; until now. Before I reveal it, I'll give him a chance to lie again to his followers to cover it up. But, I will give you a clue - he said he was a Air Force lieutenant gulf war veteran...LOOK UP HIS SERVICE RECORD!!! Come back and tell me if he told you the whole truth when he came clean about his background that we exposed, or did he leave a little something out.

That may be in part 3 if I'm not killed for exposing a government agent sent to disrupt the remnants of Yahweh Ben Yahweh's Nation of Yahweh. That's what's happened - the remnant were already struggling to stay together, and he's pretty much set that back another 20-30 years.

Good thing is, I think more of his followers are beginning to realize that they have been duped by a con man. It was all done to get what little money they had. He knew that they had been instructed to save 20% of their earnings and to save gold. I personally know of a few people who have, because of him, gone through their savings and are struggling.

When they are ready to apologize for turning their backs on me and the others who tried to save them, if he hasn't turned their hearts to stone, we will still be here. I will still be their brother.

There is much I haven't said here. For instance, I haven't told you how it was revealed to us that this whole fiasco was a plot planned by four key people that you would never believe is involved. Here's a clue - Nardea named all but one of them in her expose. That one is a husband of one of the other 3 (ahhhh, intrigue)...

I haven't told you about the 'married' women among his followers that he says he;s entitled to because he's god. Why is any of this important? Because, whether it be their fault or not, our people are going through enough, without one of our own taking advantage of them.

This is one thing I can do something about!!!

 Stay tuned for Part III