Sunday, November 6, 2011


Why do we need a mentor? We need someone that’s gonna finally teach us how to do it right.
1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter.
adviser, coach, counselor, guide, instructor, teacher, trainer, tutor, acquaintance, agent, ally, associate, contact, friend, go-between, intermediary, kin, authority, expert, guide, master, maven, pro, specialist, veteran, educationist, lecturer, monitor, professor, trainer, attendant, captain, chaperon, conductor, controller, convoy, director, escort, example, genius, guiding spirit, guru, inspiration, leader

1.     The reason that we are in the mental, spiritual and financial position we are in at this very moment is because of our mentorship.

What do I mean?

Parents – we learned our money habits from our parents
a.     Taught us our saving and spending habits.
b.     Did they teach us to own our own businesses? (there is a difference between running a business and owning a company)
c.     They taught us to go to school, get a good job and pay our bills
d.     We watched them buy stuff to appear rich

Friends – look at your 5 closest friends, calculate an average of their income and you can predict where you will be financially in 5 years.

You need to determine who you’re going to listen to. Someone that’s doing it, or someone with a theory of how it should be done?

2.     If you listen to someone who’s doing it wrong, you’re going to do it wrong also.

      If you want to learn how to be a great chef, you have to be trained by a great chef; not a fry cook. If you want to learn how to be a great concert piano player, you have to be trained by a great concert piano player; not a pianist in a rock band. So, who do you think should train you to become a successful businessperson?

How To Get A Millionaire Mentor

I’m gonna give you a script that I use for getting a mentor. Write it down … you’ll find many instances to use it after I tell you.

1. Find out who the owner is of the business you admire.
2. Just call and ask to speak to him or her; you’ll be surprised at how willing they are to talk.
3. Don’t waste their time. Stick to the script. Even if they want to kick it.
3. Take the phrase “I Know” out of your vocabulary! Don’t say it, EVER!

Hello Mr. Ross,

My name is Nehemiah.

We haven’t met yet and I know you’re a busy person and I’ll be brief.

I own a small ______ business.

Over the years you’ve done a fantastic job building your business into one of the largest companies in the industry.

I’m sure you had some real challenges when you were first starting out.

Well, I’m still in the early stages; trying to figure everything out.

Mr. Ross, I would really appreciate it if you would consider being my mentor.

All that would mean is spending 10 minutes on the phone with me once a month so I can ask you a few questions.

I’d really appreciate it; would you be open to that?


Yes - When would be a good time to call you in the next few weeks?

Follow up with a handwritten thank you note right away

Unfirm No - Would it be okay if I call you at a more convenient time to reconsider my request?

That's it!!!! Tailor it to your speaking style, of course.

Praise Yahweh, and Praise Yahweh Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh